Family & Wellness Care

From birth, and throughout life, everyone is exposed to different ongoing stresses to our body, spinal and nervous system. The birthing process itself, is the first minor assault to our spine and nervous system. Childhood falls, participation in sports, minor traumas, and gravity are stressors affecting all of us. For this reason we strongly encourage regular check up to provide early detection for everyone. This greatly reduces the chances of permanent degenerative damage later in life.

Types of Care Offered:

Acute Injury Care- Pain Relief:  When trauma or injury create pain patters. inflammation and disability, initial care is required immediately to stop the pain and inflammation.

Corrective Care:  When the initial symptoms are reduced, we employ this type of care to correct the underlying weakness and cause of ongoing or recurrent problems. This corrects the spinal subluxations including the muscle and nerve imbalance.

Wellness Care:  When the problems are corrected, this care is the best way to remain in excellent shape and catch any small problems as they begin, thus allowing you a better quality of life.

Patients may enter care at any level based upon their needs.